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reStickity Print

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5x7 Portrait

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8x10 Landscape

NOTE: This does not have to be the same size as the original image you took. You wil be given a chance to crop and edit your photo.


Upload & Crop

NOTE: The larger your photo dimensions, the better! For a 5x7, your uploaded photo dimensions should be at least 1500 x 2100. For an 8x10, your uploaded photo dimensions should be at least 2400 x 3000.

You will be able to rotate and crop your image, after it is uploaded.





To add text or further enhance your reStickity click on the “Edit Photo” button. If you don’t want to make any modifications, click “Continue."

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To ensure the highest quality product, we print at 300 DPI so please select an image that has a resolution larger than 2100 x 1500 pixels.